Principal's Message

Principal's Message



            SFRC’s unshakable mission is to provide a vision for the emerging trends, vital issues and help the students compete with the global challenges. SFRC’s commitment to the cause of academic excellence is impressive and spectacular. The college has undertaken a number of academic innovations. So the contribution of the college to diverse academic fields is endless. SFRC's steely resolve is to unparting guality education to rural women. Hence It aims at inculcating young rural women in the thirst for knowledge, the fervour to cherish ethical and spiritual values, the need to preserve the tradition and culture of India and uphold a life of purity and discipline. Thus it develops a sound mind in a sound body and guides rural women to acquire excellence through higher education. SFRC’s march towards academic excellence ensures the acquisition of the golden objectives of :

  • Enlightenment of Self
  • Enrichment with Knowledge
  • Empowerment of Women
  • Excellence through Diligence